Our student care programme is carefully designed by programme specialists and aims to cover not only our students’ physical needs, but also ensure that they have ample opportunities to build on their social-emotional skills, academic achievements, health, motor skills and character development and happiness.

Our student care program comprises of the following:

1Healthy Meals (Lunch and Tea-break)

All menus are planned 3 months in advance according to the dietary requirement from MCYS. Menus are adjusted every month according to the preferences of the students without compromising the nutritional values of the food. In some centres located in primary schools, we have rented a food stall from the school to provide nutritious food to the students under the student care program.

2Showering Facilities

Hot shower facilities are provided for the students to take showers.

3Guided Study Time

All students under the student care program will be guided by the student care teacher to complete their school homework in the ratio of 1:20 (max).

4Creative Writing, Speech and Drama, Imparting Moral Values

Ace @ Work is collaborating with professional trainers in the three fields above to help children hone their public speaking skills, writing skills and build on their character building.

5Guided Excursions

During the June and December holidays, Ace @ Work provides at least one guided excursion with to places of educational interest in Singapore, such as Qian Hu Fish Farm, Singapore Zoological Gardens etc

6Games Day

Games Day is a day where we students are rewarded with a day of fun sports activities. Lucky draw presents are specially prepared by the teachers as a sign of reward for the students’ hard work during the school term.

7Outdoor Activities

Students will enjoy a one-hour “Outdoor” session every week where they will get the chance to engage in different types of games and sports. This will give students a chance to exercise and play their hearts out, boosting immunity and becoming more healthy.

8Annual Progress Report

A progress report for each student is issued every year. An annual progress report helps parents track the progress of each individual child and better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

9Self-Improvement Talks for Parents

Bi-annually, experts or ex-students from different fields such as psychology, paediatrics and finance are invited by Ace @ Work to address the issues and questions that parents may face in the areas of child-raising.

10Surveillance Cameras

All classrooms and their surroundings are fully equipped with a surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of our children at any point of time.

Our student care program is all-encompassing and aims to develop critical thinking, social emotional skills and tap into children’s natural sense of curiosity and wonderment.